Machias Community Days 2013

Machias Community Days

Another exciting year for being in the park

Huge back log of older Projects

Allegany State Park 2008

Beaver Meadow

Bliss Summer Camp

Braynt Cemetary

Buffalo History Museum


Extreme Makeover


Huey Hellicopter

Lancaster Roof Project

Letchworth State Park Service Ops 2006

Machias Park 2004

Machais Park 2005

Operation Iraqi Children

Rest Area Cleanup

Rock Enviroment Center

Rock the Lakes Day 1

Rock the Lakes Day 2

Rock the Lakes Day 3

Rock the Lakes Day 4

Rock the Lakes Day 5

Rock the Lakes Concert


Salamanca Rail Museum

Saranac Lake

Skinner Ramp

Snow Shovel

Solomon's Treasure Hunt

Spearance Ramp

Story Book Train Ride

Tara Ramp

Worth Family

Allegany State Park Service Project 2013

Allegany State Park 2013

It was another exciting, amazing Service Project in the beautiful Allegany State Park!

Naval Park Service Op's 2012

Naval Ship

In the grips of a hot summer, CYC is out doing what we do best: impacting western NY. Come aboard-I mean click the picture above to read more about this awesome project!
Note: There are three different parts to this Op's

Arcade VFW Tank Project

Girl working on Tank

Working on a Tank, what else needs to be said?

Allegany Service Op's 2012

Allegany Service Ops

It is that time of year again, where we load up and head to the Allegany State Park. Please check out both pages for all the images.
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Lower Lakes Museum Service Op's

Ship Anchore

Lower Lakes Museum Service Op's

Stockin Ambush Part 2

The second part of the Stockin ambush.

Stockin Ambush Part 1

As our CYC volunteer Dave Stockin is recovering from an accident. CYC decided to help Dave out with his very own ambush.

Community Hope Warehouse

Triangle of Hands

Community Hope Warehouse is a new program operated by CYC inc. If you have a desire to help a needy person in your community then we want to empower you. Click the above picture to find out more.


Allegany State Park Service Op Part II

A small adventure helping a great park!

South Buffalo Roof Project

Fixing a roof

Helping a family that has a newborn with disabilities.

Ramp Projects

Building a ramp

CYC helping our neighbor's live a better life, by allowing them the freedom of movement to and from their homes. Multiple projects, take a look.

Corning Playground Service Op's

Group shoot at Corning Playground

On a beautiful Autumn day, CYC journeyed to Corning, NY to help in a Pepsi Refresh project. With a small army of volunteers, the Carder Koala Run Playground was built! Look at the official website here. Click here for CYC pictures.

Darien Lake Day 2010

Darien Lake Group Shoot

With the summer coming to close and along with it, the 24 hrs of service program. A group of us head off to Darien Lake to enjoy the free day that we earned.

Extreme Youth Center of Ole an and Food for Haiti

Sheetrock on the stairs

The weekend of September 11 prove to be quite a hectic one. First the CYC team headed out to Olean to help remodel the Extreme Youth Center. After some heavy lifting and painting, the team headed over to join forces with Bona Responds. Together we packed 100,000 meals for the Haiti Earth quake victims.

August Ambush 2010

Evangola Service Project

An elderly handicapped lady who had no one else to turn, needed a handicapped
ramp. CYC decided she needed more than a handicapped ramp she needed to be

2010 Evangola State Park Service Op's

Supplied with some paint, spare hedge trimmers, and a bunch of energetic youngsters, CYC helped give a cosmetic lift to the Evangola Park. But not to worry, we had plenty of time to relax on Sunday! It was a beautiful weekend to be out on the beach. Thank you to everyone that was involved in this project.

2010 Buffalo Botanical Gardens Project

On June 18th CYC headed out once again, this time to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. We had two teams working hard. The first team did the 1900's glass dome painting. The second, was working in the South Park doing tree removal. It proved to be a busy day and the volunteers were great! All the hours went towards the "24 hours of Service" a partner Program of CYC and Darien Lake to encourage Volunteering and community involvement.

CYC Allegany Service Op's 2010

CYC Teams ready to go out in rain or shine to Make a difference!

What did you accomplish with your family on Mothers Day?

About 70+ volunteers decided to face freezing temps and 40-60 mph winds to make a statement to KEEP ASP Quaker Area OPEN! Too many times we get upset that someone is closing a park and we stand aside and let it happen. On Mothers day a few mothers cared enough for their family and joined others to volunteer and impact a few cabins, but more importantly they impacted their children's lives to not just tell them Yes it is a good thing for you to volunteer... but instead they put their words into action! serving along side their family they cared enough to face cold and wet and even the late night "Bear Hunt"

All in all everyone who came out may have gotten wet feet and cold noses and toes but everyone had a great time serving together. The weather proved to not be nearly as bad as it was forecast. With BonaResponds joining in, we've had some great opportunity to impact the Allegany State Park and make a statement that we are willing to do more than complain about the closing of our state Park, we will do something and impact the need. 


Crutches For Haiti:

CYC has teamed up with BonaResponds of St Bonaventure University to impact the dire need for crutches in Haiti. BonaResponds will be traveling to Haiti in March and CYC has joined in collecting crutches for them to take.

Also, CYC has determined to make an impact in the big need by supplementing the collected crutches with 1-2 hundred emergency crutches. Companies such as Home Depot, FXI Foam Products, and The Gorilla Glue Co. have donated materials for us to greatly assist BonaResponds in making a true impact in the need on the ground in Haiti.

Lots of work for CKC-age kids to help sand and tape, making a difference for earthquake victims in Haiti:

List of Companies who have jumped up and have sent materials to empower our youth and make the needed difference in Haiti:

Drop Points for Crutches:

  • Machias - CYC Offices - in container in front of offices
  • Arcade - Second Impressions in Tops Plaza
  • Olean - 231 Murphy Bldg - west side of SBU Campus
  • Allegany - Allegany Park & Shop

Tifft Nature Preserve:

On February 20th, members of CYC staff and Give a Day, Get a Disney Day volunteers headed down to the Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo to help out with some brush and trail cleanup. We got much accomplished, chopping up debris and removing it from trails to help the preserve get ready for a season of serving the people of the Greater Buffalo Area. The CYC staff would like to extend a hearty Thank-You! to all who participated. In addition, here is an article we received from two of the volunteers.

"My mom and I had so much fun on February 20th, 2010, participating in a volunteer opportunity with the Christian Youth Corps at Tifft Nature preserve for 'Give a Day, Get a Disney Day'. The group leaders were very inspiring and informative to all participants. Everyone worked together very hard cutting trees and picking up brush. We learned how to cut trees and how important it is to make space for new tree growth. The trees provide food and shelter for many birds and animals. Tifft Nature Preserve is a great place for people to hike, cross-country ski, and to enjoy nature. A treasure to be cared for so future generations may find their happy place!"

Thanks for the experience,
Abbagail and Debbie Augustyn

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