CYC Community Projects

CYC Community Projects are large scale projects that typically incorporate all the building trades to complete a project from start to finish. Examples include building an addition to a home or at times building a house from the ground up. Some of the goals of these projects include:

  1. Benefiting an individual or entire family with very special needs.
  2. Utilizing local area youth, businesses, and craftsmen to accomplish the project.
  3. Rallying a community around the recipient so they have a network of involved neighbors and friends, ready and willing to continue ministering.

In the past, these have been done for terminally ill veterans, children born with severe birth defects, and severely handicapped adults. In each case youth were involved in the hands-on work, learning beside and supporting the skilled craftsmen who also teach them on the weekly CYC projects.

Bradner Stadium Project

Operation Storm Norm

Toland Project

Eisenhardt Project


R&D Project

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*Donations made to a specific cause or project that has been deemed as a project fulfilled by the CYC Organization, will then be applied to future projects that are of like kind.