Operation Storm Norman

Norm has been battling many storms in his life. He's always been there for others; Norm has spent many hours helping those who have no one to turn to. Norm's home, (a fixer-upper in Elma) was an ongoing project for him. When he was struck with kidney failure, he grew unable to complete the projects he had started After a long, tedious 2.5 year wait, a donor match for a kidney and pancreas transplant was found in early October. His stormy battle was prayerfully over, no more insulin and no more rush trips to the hospital with false hopes of a transplant.

Norm now has a fresh new start. Many of his friends wanted to show him what he really means to so many that know him, joining together, they are going to bring another storm to Norm's life. This storm will bring a ray of son shine to his stormy past. known as "Operation Storm Norm" his friends are going to storm his home to complete the many plans and several dreams he had for his little fixer upper in Elma.


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